Geographical Summary

“The last hiding place of the Alföld the gate of the Avas Mountains. Here lies the town of Túrterebes (Turulung) along the shores of the Túr River. More specifically, it lies in the realms of the Plain of Szatmár (Satu-Mare) and the Avas Mountains between the 47° 56´ north longitude and 23° 3´ east latitude, 133 meters above sea level on the North West edge of Romania. It encompasses 54 square kilometers of area and consists of three settlements: Túrterebes, Túrterebesi Szôlôhegy and Kisterebes (Draguseni). Kisterebes is 3 kilometers away and Túrterebesi Szôlôhegy is 6 kilometers away from the town hall of Túrterebes. It is a part of Szatmár (Satu Mare) county, and it lies on the county’s North West part, 25 kilometers from the county capital, Szatmárnémeti (Satu Mare). Its neighbors are: Halmi on the North West side, Turc to the North, Kisgérce to the East, Sárköz to the South East, and Mikola to the South West.

The E81 highway connects Túrterebes with the county capital running through the center of the town and representing the main street (Fô Utca). The village’s major and side streets originate from this main street (Felszeg, Kisfalu, Újsor, Sovábfalu, Hajnal utca, Kis utca, Vásártér, Sándor utca (Kissor), Hid utca, Csonkasor, Pacal utca). The closest train station is in Halmi (Halmeu), about 8 kilometers away from Túrterebes.” (Translated excerpt from the book of Elek, Imre)

You can read more about the town on the History History page, which was written by the school principal, Kis Kálmán, or read from the memoirs about Túrterebes written by Elek Imre, geography teacher.

Translated by Tünde Igli, February 2005